Oleg Bolgarin
3 min readDec 31, 2020

It looks like we’ve got a new player in the crypto industry. KEEP Networks Team has decided to create a brand new product which is a fresh look at already existing solutions. Its name is TBTC.

The hint here is easy: TBTC is an exact analog of bitcoin, equal in cost, but on Ethereum blockchain. What does it give us? Speed, safety, comfort and cheap transfers.

Great, what does Apple here for?

Once the Apple team, led by a very far-sighted man, Steve Jobs, presented Iphone as their brand new product!

Skeptics were ironic saying that Jobs decided to surprise the world with a touchscreen phone, but everything had already been invented before by LG and Samsung corporations. For example, the phone models of those companies had already been equipped with sensors for several years by that time. But what we all know is that IPhone has really become a revolution in the world of mobile devises. For example, something that no one else had before is multitouch.

I’m not going to list all the Iphone’s pros and competitors’ cons here, I just want to note that Jobs didn’t invent the mobile phone, neither had he created the sensor nor he invented a new method to sell his product. But the product created by his company is now known to everyone. At some point, he was head and shoulders above the competitors and even the most stubborn, who used to love old-fashioned push-button devices eventually fell in love with the Iphone. So, the Iphone was a new take on an existing solution.

Let’s have a look at what the guys from KEEP came up with. The new TBTC product is the same good old bitcoin both in meaning and in cost. They cost equally. The whole idea is to speed up the work of the new crypto currency to a few seconds making it safer by taking into account all the mistakes made by bitcoin creators and imitators. You can use TBTC to participate in modern and promising DeFi projects, invest and store your savings using the much faster, cheaper and more secure Ethereum blockchain technology. In addition, you can return all your assets to the Bitcon blockchain without losing a cent any time. Unbelievable flexibility and speed of solutions that are hardly found anywhere!

This is a brand new solution, a total fresh look at the already existing Ethereum technology. The use of Lightening technology is coming up next. Imagine the speed and ease which you can use Bitcoin and TBTC assets with while taking the best out of both technologies. We are going to follow all the news and success of the KEEP team. Will the iPhone phenomenon happen in the crypto sphere? Will the creators of TBTC repeat Jobs’ success? Possibly. Dear friends, I’d like to give you a piece of advice: don’t stand aside, be the first to throw away your “button phone” and take advantage of a completely new crypto currency.



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